Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced
When: Negotiable (3 – 6 hours)
Where: TBA
Instructor: Brett Dorron
Price: $495 – $795 (Less Eligible Discounts)

These are intensive, custom designed half-day and full-day one-on-one workshops designed to break new ground and propel individuals to the next level.

These workshops are intended for intermediate to advanced photographers who know their cameras and functions well, and are looking for something more. Individually designed for YOU! We will ask lots of questions upfront to understand you, your experiences, and where you want your photography to go. We’ll look at your strengths and your weaknesses, then, in consultation with yourself, we’ll tailor-make a workshop plan specifically for you.

You can:
  • Expand your creative vision
  • Master advanced camera and lighting techniques
  • Improve your confidence directing and communicating with your subjects
  • Practice bringing a professional creative team together to realise an image you’ve had in mind
  • Plan a shoot for magazine submission

Tell us about your dream, and let us help you make it happen. That’s our dream!

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Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Venue: TBA
Duration: 3 hours or 6 hours
Instructor: Brett Dorron
Cost: 3 hours $495 – 6 hours $795 (inc GST)

Please contact Aus Photo Academy here to arrange a convenient times for discussion and workshop.


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