Suitable for: Beginner
When: Negotiable (3 hours)
Where: TBA
Instructor: Brett Dorron
Price: $495 (Less Member Discounts)

The Mastering your Camera Workshop focuses on giving you greater control and confidence in your use of your camera via 1-on-1 personalised tuition.

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This workshop is designed for learners who are new to digital photography, and who would like to improve their skills and understanding of their camera. If you’ve been shooting on the Automatic or Scene Exposure modes (Portrait, Landscape, Action, Night etc) on your camera, then this lesson will show you how you can take control of the more creative modes on your camera. Included is a set of comprehensive notes for you to take home and review.

Level: Beginner
Venue: TBA
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor: Brett Dorron
Cost: $495 inc GST

This 1-on-1 workshop gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, with a three-hour lesson specifically created for your own learning curve. Having your own unique workshop will ensure that you don’t become lost in “information overload” and that you have time to revisit topics where you require further assistance. You’re free to ask questions during the workshop and we’ll make sure you understand each topic before we move on to the next.

What you will learn:

• How to handle your camera for effective shooting.
• Controlling white balance for correct colour balance (no more weird colour casts in your photos!).
• Selecting the right Picture Style for the image you’d like to create.
• Using the right lenses and focal lengths for different types of photography.
• How to get creative with perspective in your photographs.
• Taking control of auto focus: selecting the right auto focus mode and auto focus area for your photography.
• Taking pin sharp photos of your subject by controlling focus.
• Keeping moving subjects in focus by using focus tracking.
• How to use continuous shooting (paparazzi-style shooting) effectively.
• Depth of field and controlling it by using the Aperture.
• Shooting in Aperture Priority: when and why.
• Aperture values to obtain different degrees of depth of field.
• Photographing motion using Shutter Speed.
• Shooting in Shutter Priority: when and why.
• How to avoid blurry images caused by slow shutter speed.
• Light and ISO: shooting under low lighting conditions.
• The relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO in exposure: how to get the right exposure for your shots.
• Assessing exposure using the Histogram
• Using exposure compensation to correct for over- or under-exposure.
• Why your camera stuffs up: understand the middle grey rule and compensating for it.
• Shooting in Manual Exposure: when and why.
• Taking full control of your camera by shooting in Manual Exposure.

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