Workshop: Bright Lights and Hot Rods – Fashion Nude and Light Painting with Denisa Strakova


When: Saturday 26th November 2016, 4 pm – 10 pm (6 hours)
Where: DomJohn Automotive, 372 Station St, Lalor Victoria 3075
Price: Six hour location workshop split into two parts, with the 3 following ticket options.

Option 1: $200 Afternoon session – Fashion Nude & Art Nude themes with Brett Dorron from 4.00pm-6.45pm
Option 2: $200 (Evening session -Light Painting & the Art Nude with Dee and Bill Holmer from 7.15pm-10.00pm
Option 3: $380 (both 1st and 2nd sessions) Fashion/Art Nude & Light Painting sessions from 4.00pm-10.00pm

Presenters: Brett Dorron, Bill and Dee HolmerModel: Denisa Strakova
Food and beverage: BBQ and soft drinks included


We are incredibly proud and excited to be offering this opportunity to explore and contrast the soft flowing textures of fashion and sensuous curves of a art nude amidst the unique mise en scène of one of Melbourne’s proudest auto garages. Think vintage and classic autos, gangsta, Hollywood, Le Mans, antique, retro, period, mechanical and industrial. There is scope for all in this garage.

Brett and Aus Photo Academy are proudly teaming up with Bill and Dee (Deanne) Holmer of Melbourne Light Painting Workshops to present this very unique workshop event. With our extraordinary Czech supermodel Denisa Strakova, back in Melbourne to follow up on her incredibly successful summer tour earlier in 2016, where she booked out multitudes of shoots and workshops and had photographers follow her from state to state to shoot with her again. Those who have worked with Denisa know how amazingly beautiful, talented and professional she is. Just a few moments with her will have you mesmerised, as Denisa truly is – poetry in motion.

The mission for this workshop: “To exploit and capture the strength, beauty and sensuality of the human form, the textures and meanings of fashion and the petrol pumping masculinity and sexuality of amazing muscle and vintage cars in a mechanical workshop.”

Purchase your ticket above now to secure your place in this exciting workshop.

Denisa Strakova

Modelling: Denisa Strakova


When: Saturday, 26th November 2016, 4pm-10pm (6 hours)
Where: DomJohn Automotive, 372 Station St, Lalor Victoria 3075
Price: From $200-$380 (See above)
Instructors: Brett Dorron and Dee & Bill Holmer
Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced
What to bring: Camera, wide to telephoto lenses, batteries, memory cards, tripod, a small hand torch and yourself
Food and beverage: BBQ and soft drinks provided


photocrati gallery

Topics covered include:

* Controlling light in a daylight studio.

* Mixing and balancing available light and flash.

* A great range of simple, affordable and very effective light painting tools and techniques.

* Communicating, posing and directing your model and your team. With four hours and such an experienced model, you’ll have lots of opportunity to practice and grow your confidence working with a model in this workshop.

Please use the Further Payment Options form below for questions or alternate payment options, or secure your ticket right now with the PayPal button below. I hope to see you there.

© Brett Dorron 2002-2015

© Brett Dorron 2002-2015

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You can find more info about Brett here:

About Dee and Bill here:

And our model Denisa at the links below:

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Additional information

Ticket Options

Option 1 Afternoon session – Fashion Nude & Art Nude $200, Option 2: Evening session – Light Painting with Art Nude $200, Option 3: Both sessions – Fashion/Art Nude + Light Painting 380


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