The Perfect Exposure Workshop – Make Shutter, Aperture and ISO Your Friends – 21 Nov 2018


When: Wed 21 Nov 2018, 7pm-9.30pm (2.5hrs)
Where: Legend Studio Melbourne (Thomastown)
Price: $40 (Less membership discounts)
Suitable for: All levels – all ages
Presenter: Brett Dorron

How to get the perfect exposure in every situation, quickly and easily.

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What is the perfect exposure? Are you getting the results you want from your camera? Do you want more control of your camera and the images you take? Let me shed a little light onto this subject with you. In simple, easy to understand, everyday language I’ll give you the crucial secrets to controlling the look and feel of the images coming out of your camera. In every situation.

Please note: Though this workshop is designed for all cameras that have manual shutter and aperture control settings, e.g. DSLRs (and SLRs), Mirrorless, Range Finders and Compact models that have manual exposure controls, the principles discussed here can help you to understand and improve your results from all cameras, including phone cameras.

There are three camera settings that influence and control the exposure of the images you take – the shutter speed, the aperture or f-stop, and the ISO setting. Often called the exposure triangle. Each of these settings has its own unique contribution to the look and feel of your images, and understanding each is a major step towards improving your images and your exposures.

In this 2.5 hour presentation and discussion, you will learn, in practical terms:

  1. Which of the three settings is most important in differing situations.
  2. What happens when you change one setting and how it affects the other two.
  3. How to shoot on “auto exposure” and still control the exposure?
  4. What the ISO actually does and why it is important.
  5. How the f-stop controls the artistic nature of your photograph.
  6. How and when the shutter speed can make or break a photo – capturing action or freezing it, avoiding blurry images.
  7. Why your camera’s exposure built in meter gets it wrong sometimes and what to look out for.
  8. Where and how to meter your light source.
  9. The basics of what to look for in the image histogram.
  • Workshop: The Perfect Exposure Workshop – Make Shutter, Aperture and ISO Your Friends
  • Presenters: Brett Dorron
  • When: 21 Nov 2018, Wed 7pm-9.30pm (2.5hrs)
  • Where: Legend Studio Melbourne – 1/95 Heyington Avenue Thomastown. Just off the ring road. Grab the Freeway. Plenty of parking on street and on site.
  • Fitness: Not applicable. Venue has wheelchair access.
  • Price: $40.
  • What to bring: Camera and yourself.


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