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From farm produce, home appliances, power tools, to beauty products & craft soaps, or pizzas & Uber menus, literally millions of products are photographed in Australia each year. Why not make commercial product photography a specialty of yours or, at the very least, add this proficiency to an existing business?

This 6 Week Course will take a very deep dive into the product photography genre & explore many different approaches. The course is designed to give the photographer a strong introduction to the challenges of shooting product on a table top.

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This series of six workshops can be enrolled as a six-week course, or booked and attended individually. While individual workshops may reference or build on topics discussed in previous workshops, each subject is still designed to stand alone.

Course schedule:

Week 1 – May 11th


Modern product packaging presents the photographer with endless challenges. Embossing, metallic foils and other materials can drive a photographer crazy. A product photographer is a problem solver. Let’s learn how to deal with the challenges now before the stress of a shoot.

Week 2 – May 18th


Want to have a fun time with reflections? Let’s shoot a toaster. Or a pop-corn popper. The chrome parts mixed with transparent sections can be problematic. Learning how to control the reflections is one of the most important lessons.

Week 3 – May 25th


Alcohol, cold drinks, olive oil, salad dressings, exquisite crystal glassware. Bottle and glassware designs, colours and textures are as diverse and endless as the products that fill them. Let’s make a splash with this all this all-time favourite subject matter.

Week 4 – June 1st


One area of product photography that can become a specialty is cosmetics and fragrances. Small, shiny, difficult to photograph and demanding compositional challenges make shooting these a real challenge. Designers work hard to create products that stand out on the shelf. You must be able to photograph these in a way that makes them look exceptional.

Week 5 – June 8th


Cell Phones, tablets, Vapes, and other electronic consumer items are photographed every day. Whether for design firms, manufacturers, or advertising agencies, consumer electronics are a mainstay of commercial photographers.

Week 6 – June 15th


Whether it’s a steamy soup in a bowl, blue cheese on a platter, crisp fresh salad in a wrap or plump fruity pancakes in a stack, we all have to eat everyday and there is always food and sweets to be photographed. Here, colour, texture and atmosphere are vital. Let’s learn what it takes to make food look good.

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  • Workshop: Lighting Essentials – 6 Week Product Photography Course – May-June 2019
  • When: Saturday mornings from 9.30am – 12pm from May 11th to June 15th 2019
  • Where: Legend Studio Melbourne – 1/95 Heyington Avenue Thomastown. Just off the ring road. Grab the Freeway. Plenty of parking on site and on the street.
  • Price: $60 per workshop or $300 for all six weeks (Save $60).
  • Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Fitness: Not applicable. Venue has wheelchair access.
  • What to bring: Camera, standard to telephoto lenses, batteries, memory cards, tripod and yourself.
  • Presenters: Brett Dorron

It’s important to note that we will not be shooting large products like motorcycles or furniture, but focusing on products and packages that we can shoot on a table top in studio.

I would love to see you there. Please Book Early to secure your spot.

Thank you,

Brett Dorron

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Ticket Options

Full 6 Week Course – $300 (Save $60), Week 1: PRODUCT PACKAGING – 11 May – $60, Week 2: HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES – 18 May – $60, Week 3: BOTTLES & GLASSWARE – 25 May – $60, Week 4: COSMETICS & FRAGRANCES – 1 June – $60, Week 5: CONSUMER ELECTRONICS – 8 June – $60, Week 6: FOOD & CHOCOLATE – 15 June – $60


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