Intro To Studio Lighting Workshop – 22 Nov 2018


When: Thu 22 Nov 2018, 7pm-9.00pm (2hrs)
Where: Legend Studio Melbourne (Thomastown)
Price: Early Birds $80 till 17th Nov – RRP $95
Suitable for: All levels – all ages – wheelchair friendly
Presenter: Brett Dorron


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Join award winning studio photographer Brett Dorron for this introduction to studio lighting. This workshop will cover the principles, techniques, and tools for both portrait and product studio photography. A studio setup can be anything from a few table lamps and a spare sheet for the background, to elaborate professional multi flash systems. 

Starting out using just one main light, Brett will demonstrate how to achieve a lot with a little. Gradually adding in a second, and a third light, Brett will discuss the purposes and techniques for using two and three lights as accent, fill and hair lights, as well as controlling light using light modifiers like collapsible reflectors, umbrellas, and soft boxes. Introduction to Studio Lighting may be ideal for the soccer mom or dad who is interested in taking team photos, family photos at home in the lounge or spare room, or someone who is simply interested in shooting their own products or looking for some extra revenue on the side. Those seeking to become a professional portrait photographer will find this class a great foundation to learn the necessary skills and the types of gear to look to invest in.

  • Workshop: Intro To Studio Lighting – 22 Nov 2018
  • Presenters: Brett Dorron
  • When: 22 Nov 2018, Thur 7pm-9pm (2hrs)
  • Where: Legend Studio Melbourne – 1/95 Heyington Avenue Thomastown. Just off the ring road. Grab the Freeway. Plenty of parking on street and on site.
  • Fitness: Not applicable. Venue has wheelchair access.
  • Price:  Early Birds $80 till 17th Nov – RRP $95.
  • What to bring: Camera with a hotshoe, standard to telephoto lens, batteries, memory cards and yourself.




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