Coloured Flour (Holi Powder) and Movement Workshop with Kya Raven – 16 Feb 2019


When: Sat 16th Feb 2019, 2pm-5pm (3hrs)
Where: Legend Studio Melbourne (Thomastown)
Price: Early Bird $150 till 8th Feb – RRP $170
Suitable for: Intermediate – 15yrs and up – wheelchair friendly
Instructors: Brett Dorron.

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Holi Festival – India

By popular demand, this colourful studio workshop will explore the vibrant hues of the Hindu – Holi Festival – held each spring in India and the subcontinent. We’ll have model Kya Raven and a couple of assistants to help throw the coloured flour or Holi powder at your command. Are you ready to help me create a gigantic mess in the name of art?

  • Workshop: Holi Powder or Coloured Flour and Movement Workshop
  • Presenters: Brett Dorron
  • Model: Kya Raven
  • When: Saturday 16th February 2019, 2.00pm – 5.00pm (3 hours)
  • Where: Legend Studio Melbourne, 1/95 Heyington Av Thomastown 3074
  • Suitable for: Intermediate level – 15yrs and up – non-nude workshop
  • Fitness: No special requirements. All ages – wheelchair friendly.
  • Price: Early Bird $150 till 8th Feb – RRP $170.
  • What to bring: Camera, standard to telephoto lenses, batteries, memory cards, tripod and yourself.
  • Food and beverage: Tea and coffee provided.

Topics covered include:

* The affect of shutter speed on sharpness and blur and how and when to make the most of both.

* Timing. With action and movement, sometimes timing is everything, and this takes forethought and concentration. I’ll give you valuable tips on how to get the shot that you want.

* Backlighting for effect and freezing action and movement in the studio.

* Communicating, posing and directing your model and your team. With three hours and an experienced model, you’ll have lots of opportunity to practice and grow your confidence working with a model in this workshop. 

AddressLegend Studio Melbourne, 1/95 Heyington Av Thomastown 3074
I would love to see you there. Please Book Early to secure your spot.

Thank you,

Brett Dorron

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