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Mission statement

To promote and develop the love and recognition of photography, all over the world. We will reach people through local and mass media, through teaching and sharing our passion and values, and through infectious enthusiasm with all that we come in contact with.

Take creative control of your photography now with Aus Photo Academy workshops and tutorials! Bring your camera with you and learn by doing. Each workshop is hands on and designed around sharing information, then practising and refining skills and techniques in a fun, relaxed, supportive environment. Come learn with us and change your photography forever.

What would you like to get out of photography? What are your goals? Which skills would you like to learn or brush up on?

These are some of the questions we want to know. Our aim at the Australian Photographic Academy is to tailor and deliver workshops, courses, videos, get-aways and photo-safaris to help you learn and understand basic, intermediate and pro level camera, shooting, lighting and processing skills and techniques to help you to uncover and fulfil all your photographic goals and desires.

Our workshops and courses are aimed at both professionals and enthusiasts of all experiences and will cover a wide range of topics from specific types and genres of photography, to tips on lighting and equipment, and even how to launch and maintain a successful business.

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Brett Dorron

highres_387049262Owner and instructor Brett Dorron’s photographic career has spanned more than 30 years. He says his “interest in photography was first stirred by a school project at the age of ten. Back then, and because of the perceived expense of the B&W film and processing, his parents quickly quashed the initial interest. So it wasn’t till his mid twenties, while inadvertently studying for an Associate Diploma in Applied Photography, that he truly realised the attraction photography could hold for him. It was not an end of anything, but the start of everything.”

He worked as a Press photographer, both contract in the 1980’s, and staff in the 1990’s. The tremendous diversity and pressures of a background in Press, gave him the confidence to tackle anything from portrait and wedding, to commercial and advertising, etc. He worked for other’s studios, operated his own, and even worked as a television cameraman for a time. He has owned and operated studios in his home state of Queensland, a long stint in Western Australia, worked professionally in Europe, and is now set up in Melbourne Victoria.

Brett’s greatest passion and calling is working with the figure in fine art nude, but he really just loves working with people. He once said “These days, and more than ever, my interests are in others. I get bored when my subjects don’t move to their own will. I like people!“. He is very experienced in portraiture of all ages, wedding, corporate, commercial, industrial, product and advertising photography and loves teaching, sharing, passing on his experiences and watching others grow.

Brett enjoys shooting film as well as digital, and his cameras of choice are Nikon, and Hasselblad.


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