Is it hard to sell your art or yourself? – by Ann Rea

Check out this inspirational resource (pdf) by Ann Rea. Ann says:

“An artist’s ‘product’ is emotion. People buy art that makes them feel. That is why art is in the eye of the beholder.

Is it hard to sell your art or yourself ?

STOP Selling Your Art
STOP Selling Yourself

Artists feel like sell-outs when they try to sell themselves.
That’s because they have it all twisted. You do NOT want to
try to sell yourself. Because you are not for sale.

Stop trying to sell yourself. In fact, stop trying to sell your art
because people are not buying your art either. What they are
really buying is their emotional response to your art and the
meaning that they attach to your art.”

Ann Rea offers guidance to artists who want to earn a living doing their craft. In this clip from the CreativeLive course, Make Money Making Art, Rea details the thinking and mindset of artists who make a living by selling their work.

PDF link: Art-Selling-Is-Just-a-Conversation

Is it hard to sell your art or yourself ?
Stop and double your art sales with 7 simple steps.

Ann Rea, Artist Mentor & Founder of Artists Who THRIVE


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