Pole Dance – A Photographic Portfolio Builder Workshop

When: Sat 9th July 2016, 12pm-4pm.
Where: Luminosity Studio Box Hill.
Price: $210 (See member discounts).
Suitable for: Intermediate.
Instructors: Brett Dorron.
Carmen Paech
Carmen Paech

Please join us for this incredible opportunity to shoot with two amazing pole dance artists in a high-end professionally controlled studio environment. Joining me on the big cyc at Luminosity Studio are local pole dance celebrities, Heidi Holland and Carmen Paech. Heidi and Carmen will be performing and posing both individually and together over multiple sets that explore static poses, as well as dynamic movement and routines. Oh, and of course there will be some costume changes to spice things up even more.


Carmen Paech
Carmen Paech

This is a great opportunity for photographers of all levels to update or add some beautiful, and possibly heart-stopping, pole, figure and action scenes to their portfolios.

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Modelling at this workshop are the very gorgeous and talented Carmen Paech and Heidi Holland.

photocrati gallery

Heidi Holland
Heidi Holland (Image by Snipershots Photography)


  • Workshop: Pole Dance – A Photographic Portfolio Builder Workshop
  • Presenters: Brett Dorron
  • Pole Dance Artists: Carmen Paech and Heidi Holland
  • When: Saturday 9th July 2016, 12.00pm – 4.00pm (4 hours)
  • Where: Luminosity Studio, 79F Lexton Rd, Box Hill North VIC 3129
  • Price: Early bird special: $210.00  (Pay by Friday 1st July for the $30.00 discount) Normal price: $240.00 (No refunds after 5th July)
  • What to bring: Camera with working hot-shoe, standard to telephoto length lens, batteries, memory cards and yourself.


Topics covered include:

Heidi Holland
Heidi Holland
  • Large scale and high speed studio lighting to freeze action.
  • Working with professional level athletes to achieve beautiful, sublime and heart-pounding poses and images.
  • Directing, posing and communicating with your model and your team.

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You can find more info about Brett here: About Us

And our two pole artists Carmen Paech:

And Heidi Holland:



Luminosity Studio Box Hill
Luminosity Studio Box Hill