Natural Forms – An Art Nude in Landscape Workshop

When: 18 Oct 2015, Sun 1pm-5pm
Where: TBA – About 100km north-west of Melbourne
Price: $180 (See member discounts)
Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced (18+)
Gestalta ©Mark Hillyer

The first time I added the art nude to my landscape photography it was as if I had added a soul, they took on a life and became much more than the sum of each. I was looking over the images after a photo shoot, I could hardly believe my own eyes and the beauty I had captured.” – David Winge

Winter is over! Time to get out and about and explore the world of the art nude in landscape. Brett and I very much agree with David Winge’s sentiments – we can’t look at a landscape without imaging a nude figure in it. In our first location art nude workshop for the season we will be visiting a couple of locations to the north-west of Melbourne.

Caprice Hunter ©Darren Philips

Our model will be the vibrant and curvaceous Caprice Hunter, who is visiting from Adelaide.

We will advise the meeting point for the workshop closer to the event, with an eye on the weather reports. If the weather turns really bad, we will move the workshop to The Cool Kids Studio in Hawthorn.

What Is The Agenda?
  • Planning an art nude location shoot
  • Scouting and choosing a location
  • Safety for models and photographers
  • Lighting, shadows, reflectors
  • Shooting the nude in landscape
Caprice Hunter ©Darren Philips
Who Is This For?
  • Intermediate to Advanced level photographers
  • All genders
  • 18+
  • You need to be comfortable and confident with operating your camera in manual mode
What Should I Bring?
  • DSLR, SLR, or Mirrorless with a working hot shoe;
  • Telephoto or prime lenses in the 35mm to 105mm range (full frame) or 24mm to 70mm (APS-C);
  • Batteries, memory cards, tripod;
  • Water, strong shoes, more to be advised.

Do not bring too much camera gear. The workshop is about using your gear, not trying to decide what to use.

Caprice Hunter ©Colin Abba
Who is the model?
Summary: Natural Forms – An Art Nude in Landscape Workshop
Level: Intermediate to Advanced (18+)
When: Sunday, 18th October 2015, 1:00pm-5:00pm (4 hours)
Where: TBA – About 100km north-west of Melbourne
Price: Members – $180.00
Non-Members – $200.00
Terms and Conditions & Code of Conduct
Please book early to secure your spot
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