Getting Started (102) – Understanding Exposure – Taking it to the Next Level

When: 10 Sept 2015, Thu 7pm-9.30pm
Where: Hawthorn
Price: $59.95 (See member discounts)
Suitable for: Beginner
Instructor: Brett Dorron
Also runs: Periodically
© Copyright Brett Dorron 2015
© Copyright Brett Dorron 2015

To take a photograph is to record the light in front of you with your camera and recording this light is called an exposure. Now there are good and bad exposures and getting the best exposure is crucial to a good image, but what is a good exposure, and how do you capture it? In this tutorial we’ll explore exposure, the settings and tools that control and influence it, and when your camera’s auto settings are likely to get it right, and when and why it it is likely to fail.

This class can be purchased as a stand alone unit or as part of our 8 week Aus Photo Academy Getting Started – Introductory Photography Course. Check the full details here.

This class teaches – in clear, easy terms – how to use the settings on your camera to take control of exposure to improve the colour, contrast and saturation of your images.

We’ll delve deeper into your camera’s different Modes like Program or Auto, Shutter Priority or Time Value, Aperture Priority or Aperture Value, and full Manual. We’ll demystify ISO or light sensitivity with straightforward easy to understand terms that will have you whizzing those dials around with confidence.



The following topics will be covered:

© Copyright Brett Dorron 2015
© Copyright Brett Dorron 2015
  • Aperture
  • Depth of field
  • Shutter speed
  • Freezing and blurring movement
  • f-stops
  • ISO
  • Bracketing
  • Using the light meter
  • Lighting techniques
  • Contrast and saturation
  • Low light and digital noise

Bring your DSLR camera, manual, fully charged battery and memory card.

© Copyright Brett Dorron 2015
© Copyright Brett Dorron 2015

Thur 10 September 2015 7pm-9:30pm
Cost is $59.95 for Members
Max group size 15
The Cool Kids Studio
565 Burwood Road, Hawthorn 3122 (Map here)

Fee includes tuition and notes.



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