Portraits! – Maternity Portraiture

When: 27 Sep 2015, Sun 1pm-4pm
Where: Hawthorn
Price: $90 (See member discounts)
Suitable for: Beginner to Intermediate
Instructor: Mark Hillyer and Brett Dorron
©Mark Hillyer Photography

The second of our portrait series is something special. The lovely photographer and model Lisette is currently 8 months pregnant (and counting) and will be joining us on Sunday for this extra-special portrait workshop. Our emphasis will be on portraiture – in casual styles and with the creative use of fabrics. We will be taking participants through lighting, posing, and directing styles aimed at photographers who wish to photograph family, friends, and clients in a soft, feminine style.



Lisette – ©Nick Walters
The Learning Experience
  • The etiquette of working with a model and other photographers;
  • Learning how to set up and use lighting to achieve soft portrait styles;
  • Directing and interacting with the model;
  • Exploring poses, framing, perspective, point of view, and timing;
  • Working in the studio environment;
  • Set-up and positioning of lighting.
Who Is This For?
  • Beginner to Intermediate photographers
  • You need to be comfortable and confident with operating your camera in manual mode
What Should I Bring?
  • DSLR, SLR, or Mirrorless with a working hot shoe;
  • Telephoto or prime lenses in the 35mm to 105mm range (full frame) or 24mm to 70mm (APS-C);
  • Batteries, memory cards, tripod.

Do not bring too much equipment. The workshop is about using your gear, not trying to decide what to use.

©Mark Hillyer Photography
What is the agenda?
  • An introduction guide to the genre and setting up the lighting and poses;
  • Shoot 1 – Casual portraiture;
  • Shoot 2 – Creative poses.
Who is the model?


Summary: Portraits! – Maternity Portraiture
Instructor: Mark Hillyer and Brett Dorron
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
When: Sunday, 27 September 2015, 1:00pm-4:00pm (3 hours)
Where: The Cool Kids Studio, 565 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122
(See map here)
Price: Members – $90.00
Non-Members – $100.00
Terms and Conditions & Code of Conduct

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