May 24 (Sun) – Art Nude Workshop featuring Cheyanne


Aus Photo Academy is proudly combining with Mark Hillyer to host this Art Nude Photography Workshop at Cool Kids Studio in Hawthorn.

Why a Quintessence Art Nude Workshop?
  • Our emphasis is on the human connection between photographer and model
  • We offer the opportunity to work with experienced, talented, and dynamic models
  • We provide 2 hours of shooting time and keep to a maximum of 4 photographers to ensure the quality of your experience with the model
  • We provide plenty of interaction and personal instruction
  • We offer free follow-up sessions to discuss your images and experience

When: Sunday, May 24, 2015 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Where: The Cool Kids Studio @ 565 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn 3122 (Map)

For less experienced photographers, there is a 2-hour briefing starting at 10:00am. Make sure you book in for this if you wish to attend: ausphotoacademy.com.au/guide-to-art-nude-photography

What Is This Workshop About?

Fine Art Nude is a very special form of photography and requires models who have grace, poise, patience, and a special kind of energy. Quintessence workshops are all about how to work with the model to bring all of these elements into your images.

Some may see art nude photography as being about the anonymity of bodyscapes which does not necessarily require engagement with the model. This is true for some styles, but in many ways nude photography requires the same sort of vision and connection as most forms of people photography – often even more so. Mood, connection, emotion, and energy are all elements that make the difference between a good image and a great image.

These workshops present experienced models who have demonstrated these qualities in their work.

This is not a workshop for glamour nude, “sexy” nude, or anything similar.

We’ve had some great feedback regarding the workshops and models so far. You can see some of the great photos participants have taken in the galleries here at MeetUp.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Photographers who are familiar and comfortable with their cameras and would like to explore the art of fine art nude or fashion nude photography. SLR cameras only please.

Working with an experienced, professional model is the best place to start if you have not tried fine art nude photography – or even if you have some experience.

What Will You Learn?

  • The etiquette of working with an art nude model
  • How to direct and interact with the model
  • How to explore poses, angles, framing, perspective
  • How to work with different body types
  • How to work in the studio environment

What Is The Style?

The theme will be art and fashion nude – the sort of thing you would see in the international editions of Vogue magazine.

This will be an interactive workshop, so don’t expect to come along and just have the model pose for you – you need to work hard, too.

Who Is The Model?

To be advised


We will be keeping the numbers to a maximum of four photographers (plus the organiser). Any more and we lose focus and cannot provide enough quality time with the model and facilitator. If there is sufficient interest, we can organise a workshop on how to work with a less experienced model, though you cannot beat working with a great model first.

Models at Quintessence workshops are paid market rates based on their skill, their experience, and the type of modelling required.

A tax invoice is available on request.

Images and Feedback

As this is a paid model shoot you are not required to provide the model with images. It would be great, however, if you could pick some of your best images for the model and possible inclusion on the Quintessence web pages.


Price $120, including booking fee.

Sold Out.