April 5 (Sun) – Anti-Strobist Workshop (aka – Available light portraiture).

Join me, Brett Dorron, on a photowalk through the streets, arcades and back alleys of the beautiful historic Melbourne CBD. The focus will be light. Available and ambient light, specifically, and primarily in regard to portraiture. Flash and strobes will be banned (if caught you will be egged and sent home in disgrace). 🙂

© Copyright Brett Dorron All Rights Reserved 2015


Photo = Light (the Holy Grail!) What is it? Where does it come from? What do you look for and how do you see it? What affects it, or how is it influenced? We’ll look at the effects of natural and man-made structures on light. Directional verses diffuse. Harsh verses soft.

© Copyright Brett Dorron All Rights Reserved 2015


© Copyright Brett Dorron All Rights Reserved 2015


There will be plenty of opportunity for pics along the way. Portrait and otherwise. Remember to bring your cameras and cards or film. (No flash) Tripod is optional. A volunteer model or two are most welcome but not necessary. We’ll take turns anyway. It’s important to see the effects of a given light on various facial structures and skin types.

© Copyright Brett Dorron All Rights Reserved 2015


All levels welcome.

© Copyright Brett Dorron All Rights Reserved 2015



1) Please meet outside Time Out Cafe at Federation Square Melbourne by 1:00PM. 

2) I’d suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes, warm clothes, and travelling light. Bring your necessary camera equipment but lighten your bag by leaving the extras at home. It’s a slow and leisurely stroll with lots of breaks, but it will add up to 2.5km over three hours.

3) We’ll leave Time Out Cafe shortly after 1:00PM and follow the approximate route marked in red in the map below.  Please try to be early or on time so as not to disadvantage everyone else. My number is 0404 635 327 if you miss us at Fed Square or become lost along the way.

4) We’ll explore and experience a great variety of lighting conditions along the way, and seek to understand why they are so and how they are influenced. I hope to inspire a new and life long awareness and appreciation of beautiful light in some of you.

5) We’ll finish back at Federation Square by approximately 4:00PM and there may be an opportunity for a short social debrief at Beer Deluxe or a cafe or restaurant nearby for those able to stay on for a chat.

See you there,


*All images by Brett Dorron in available light.

Workshop ended.